Closed Circuit

Laser Cut, Engraved, and Inlayed Acrylic Plastic

11.5 x 18 x .25 inches

Signed Edition of 18, Business in the Arts Award

Published June, 2002, by the Business Committee for the Arts, Inc.

Closed Circuit embodies the closed loop of an algorithmic world view. The imagery is a matrix of six interconnected stylized computer chips. The center of each chip exposes a particular computer application; from making patterns to modeling nature. Some centers were created by hand gestures and some were software generated. Digital systems also controlled the laser that cut the Plexiglas material - the computer creating its own image.

The digital process lends itself very well to making multiples copies. I am very happy that the Business Committee for the Arts commissions editions because they fully utilize my studio's capabilities for computer controlled fabrication.


John F. Simon, Jr., Alexandria Museum of Art, Alexandria, LA


John F. Simon, Jr., University of Iowa Museum of Art, Iowa City, IA