Morada I (Air), 2008

Software, Apple Mini, LCD Screen, Lacquered Wood, Paint, and Laser Cut Formica

36 x 30 x 6 inches

Runs Continuously, Never Repeats


Morada I is the first in a series of five morada artworks: Air, Earth, Fire, Water and Spirit.

This series is inspired by the work of Josef Albers and Johanas Itten concerning simultaneous contrast. Their art was about how a color is changed by the color that surrounds it. All the pieces are presented in a style resembling Itten's color contrast problems and Alber's color studies such as 'Homage to the Square'. From this beginning the works explore what adding time changes in our momentary perception of color and our overall 'color sense' of a piece - such as asking 'what color was that work?' In this case it is 'all colors' eventually.

Simultaneous contrast is a good topic to write software about since both the color and context of an object can be continuously changed. This is the first sense of Color and Time (the name of the exhibition in Spain where some of the works in the series were first shown) - a 'time based color study' or 'dynamic color study' to be contrasted with static color studies done in paint. The objects on the screen change color and the background also changes color - colors changing in time.

Because the software objects can have more than 16 million different colors, there are more possible color combinations in these works than you would have a chance to see in your lifetime. This is a second sense of 'color and time' because the color possibilities of each piece exceed your lifetime - colors never repeating in all time.


Well Planned Improvisations, Mindy Ross Gallery, SUNY Orange, NY


Digital Paintings, Louisiana Art & Science Museum, Baton Rouge, LA


Color and Time, Galeria Javier López, Madrid, Spain