Personal Applet

Every Icon Personal Applet is an editioned artwork that increments through the set of Every Icon starting at the time of purchace.

When you purchace Every Icon Personal Applet you will receive via email:

Each edition is customized by three parameters:

1) Owner's Name - You choose a name to identify your applet. You can use any 32 characters including your name, a business name or a family name. The name is displayed in the initial screen of the applet. It also appears on the list of registered owners.

2) Edition Number - Every Icon is sold as an unlimited edition; however, each copy sold is numbered. The list of registered owners is sorted numerically, lowest numbers first.

3) Starting Time - The starting time is set by the date and time of purchase. The starting time is embedded in the software. Your copy of Every Icon will increment independantly of any computer. Every time you start your copy of Every Icon, the softwares computes the icon to display based on how much time has elapsed since the starting time.

Your personal edition of Every Icon costs: US $20.00.

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